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Mag Dossier

Mag Dossier, the exhibition that took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a celebration of contemporary magazine publishing. Lean-back submission to beautifully printed, exceptionally designed, carefully edited and thoughtfully orchestrated visionary magazines from across the world: The Alpine Review, Ampersand Magazine, Bad Day, Baron, The Believer, Capricious Magazine, The Cyprus Dossier, Dapper Dan, Elk, Faqnp, Faund, Girls/Boys on Film, The Happy Hypocrite, Hector, Kaleidoscope, Little Joe, Nero, The Outpost, Playground Magazine, Qompendium, Randy, Rong–Wrong, Shoppinghour Magazine, South as a State of Mind, Strike!, Stupendous, The Travel Almanac, Underscore, Unfollow, Verities, White Fungus, The White Review. By the words of Peter Eramian, the curator: — A magazine is thus no longer something you just flick through, it’s something you devote time to, read carefully, appreciate its design and craft, and reflect on. It’s something you keep and cherish, reference, and reread. It asks you to pause for a moment, smell it, touch it, examine it, and think about it. It offers a nuanced activism that resists the nonstop anxieties of everyday life. From the vision to the editing, the idea to the concept, the design to the ethos, the words to the paper, the image to the ink, and the voice to the community, magazine publishing is becoming one of the most exciting collective art forms of our time. — We designed the visual identity, the catalogue and the poster of the exhibition. Raisonné typeface by Benjamin Critton.

Link: MagDossier