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Teatro Contatto 32

CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia is the name of an experimental Italian cultural company that produces since 1982 a contemporary season called Teatro Contatto, made of well-known Italian and international artists. We designed the visual identity of the new season 2013 2014 over the theme of “Differences”, and we designed also the “Teatro Contatto” logotype playing with the concept of “contact” (the English translation of Contatto). It is designed to change its form in three combinations. We developed, then, also new figures to point the number of the season. For the texts, we decided to contact our friend Matthias Dufner to ask him his beautiful Francis font, we discovered at Imprint Fair in Mainz. The posters have been designed to generate casual combinations when they are combined, creating four different ones. The gradient comes from using two color on the same print cylinder, to emphasize the sense of differences in print production.

Link: CSS