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Soirée Graphique N°6

31 graphic posters → 31 times photographically reinterpreted: our REMIX poster for Soirée Graphique (CH) is finally online: we’re fascinated by the word “Remix”. We started with some existing stuff trying to give it a new life. The idea didn’t come out quickly, but after seeing all elements changing in the poster we noticed that we were working like DJs remixing and deconstructing the starting point. Many thanks to Studio De Monaco (Zürich CH) that produced a stunning interpretation of our poster with a constantly changing collage. The poster, printed in a limited edition of 5 copies is available to buy! → CHF 120.- Limitierte Auflage 5 Stück ⁄ Limited edition of 5, 89.5 × 128 cm ⁄ 35.2 × 50.4 in

Link: Soirée Graphique