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100/100: Sombrero Bolero

100/100 is a live collaborative experiment between the public and a carefully selected group of 100 artists, illustrators, designers, promoted by Liverpool-based SBStudio in collaboration with The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. Think Work Observe has been invited to join the exhibition among many other professionals we admire (→ Hort, Build, Spin, Supermundane, Colophon Foundry, just to name a few): you can see our “Sombrero Bolero” label at n°40, and all the others at → 100100.org.uk

Exhibited online and at the launch in March, all 100 bottles will be available to purchase through a unique online auction and featured in a book that will be available for sale at the event. The event has been just reviewed on → Creative Review. All profits going to → Art Fund — The National Fundraising Charity for Art.