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Coca-Cola ‘Kiss the Past Hello’

We’ve been invited by Coca-Cola Company to reimagine vintage Coca-Cola bottle imagery among more than 100 other designers and artist from 15 countries, using just red and black, to celebrate the first 100 years of the shape of the bottle. Selected artworks will be included in ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100’, an exhibit opening this weekend at the High Museum in Atlanta; in the traveling art tour ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years’ and in the limited-edition book ‘Kiss the Past Hello’ produced by Assouline (with essays by Stephen Bayley, Ted Ryan and James Sommerville — ISBN: 9781614284437 — 8.5×12 in – 21×30 cm, 144 pages). Many of the pieces will be featured in the global campaign started yesterday, and we are happy to say our poster is among the selected ones and they decided to buy it and to show it. Here is the black version of the poster with a sun/coke-cap, the famous bottle, and the cola creating the number ‘100’.

Link: Coca-Cola CompanyAssouline