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Studio Pro

Studio Pro is a sans-serif font based on the research done during 60’s and 70’s by European type designers that examined the two most important sans-serif typefaces at that time with the aim to renew them and to work out a new proposal of forms with proper optical and rhythmical corrections. A similar experiment was conducted by Umberto Fenocchio in Italy, with his major type design œuvre Linea for Italian type foundry Fonderia Tipografica Cooperativa (1966 – 1969). Not a revival, Studio Pro is conceived for modern tasks and to be visualized on modern devices: with a very standard, still elegant shape; plenty of alternatives and open type features studied to make possible to use, in a smart way, all the wide range of glyphs; a tall x-height, that makes it readable also when used at a very small size; finally, proportions that make it very neutral, still very recognizable and unique. Studio Pro is available in 8 styles: Normale (Regular), Normale Corsivo (Regular Italic), Neretto (Medium), Neretto Corsivo (Medium Italic), Nero (Bold), Nero Corsivo (Bold Italic), Nerissimo (Black), Nerissimo Corsivo (Black Italic). To have more informations please send us an e-mail at the address fonts@t-wo.it.