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Teatro Contatto 36
Teatro Contatto 36

For the new season campaign of contemporary theater ‘Teatro Contatto’, among with the directors we worked on the concept of ‘post—identity’: the idea of a unique identity is now changing into something fluid and full of complexity. A new collective imagery, the definition of what is an individual, continuous changing of scenarios: how many identities do we have? We ask our good friends Martina Giammaria and Federico Ciamei to provide us four different portraits — which we used to represent a very difficult concept.

The use of color got biologically and culturally a strong relevance in how we experience the world. The use of very strong colors — Red, Blue (the most fundamental), Yellow and Violet (opposite ones) — derives from the idea that these colors that are covering the subjects are created by a light: they don’t derive from pigments, then it’s not analog, but it’s a light that comes from a digital device. In a certain sense, light is the revelation, quoting James Turrell: we wanted to ask the question, not to give the answer about the connections between identity and the digital word, with a password in between. — ‘Colour has in its abstraction enormous psychological and associative potential, and even though this has been collectively cultivated to the extreme, individual differences in experiencing colours are extreme. Colour doesn’t exist in itself, only when looked at. The fact that ‘colour’, uniquely, only materializes when light bounces off it into our retina indicates that analyzing colours is in fact about analyzing ourselves.’[1]

CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG is the name of an experimental Italian cultural company that produces since 1982 a contemporary season called Teatro Contatto, made of well-known Italian and international artists.

[1] Olafur Eliasson, ‘447 Words on Colour, 2001’, in Grynsztejn, Birnbaum and Speaks 2002