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Think Work Observe,
Graphic Design Office
Futwora Pro
Futwora Pro

Extract from It’s Nice That, words by Madeleine Morley:
“Two, or Think Work Observe, are a design studio based in Udine, Italy. They create very modern and simple publication identities, and what is particularly intriguing about them is that they also design their identities’ accompanying fonts. We were curious about the process that actually goes into creating a typeface, a process that seems so intriguingly subtle and precise.”

“We decided to ask Two about Futwora, a font that sounds like an adorable mispronunciation of Futura. There is nothing adorable about Two’s modern update of the classic font though, and Futwora is sleek and stylish and simple, a unique version of the favoured functional typeface, containing small, subtle twists. Originally designed in accordance with the Bauhaus school of design almost 90 years ago and based on the circle, Utopian Futura was designed in line with the ideological intention of destroying the ornamentation, clutter and frivolity of the decorative past. We decided to talk to Two about the process that goes into re-imagining such a classic font.”

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