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Think Work Observe,
Graphic Design Office

TWO is an independent graphic design and creative direction studio based in Italy. We work on commissioned projects in the commercial, cultural and editorial sector, with a strong focus on design forniture communication and visual identity. The practice is driven by a conceptually based process and an open dialogue with the client and collaborators, in order to produce original design works, proper positioning and communication strategies. Alberto Moreu is member of AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale – the member-based association of professionals, united by working in the field of graphic design and drawn from across the globe –, and since the beginning has been invited to participate to several exhibition and has been featured on international design magazines.

A digital portfolio, showing a selection of our commercial projects, is available at this link (.pdf, 49.4 mb).

Vicolo Pulesi 1
33100 Udine, Italy



Alberto Moreu

Founder, Creative Director
Alberto Moreu
AGI Member (Italy, 2017)
+39 347 61 26 218
p.i. 02684460302


Creative Director
Veronica Adami
+39 389 16 44 261
p.i. 02955020306


Graphic Designer
Lorenzo Rindori

Graphic Designer
Tead Beqiraj

Selected clients
Elisa Ossino Studio
Federica Biasi Studio
Flash Art
Marzotto Group
Krizia International
Tacchini Italia Forniture
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Former and present collaborators
Cristiana Ardoino
Simone Ardoino
Matteo Boscolo
Cecilia Cappelli
Gabriele Lucchitta
Christian Mion
Alberto Mora
Tommaso Moretti
Lucia Pasqualin
Michele Poletto
Andrea Saccavini
Sabrina Scaunigh
Andrea Serrani
Alexey Severin
Valentina Tonon

We are currently open to receive portfolios for short term internships for a position of collaborator. To join the team please send an email to the following address:

Please feel free to ask us for any request of pictures and images of our work at proper resolution. We’ll be happy to provide you a press folder. You are allowed to use also low-res pictures taken from our website if you don’t forget to credit us: please ask us to make sure to specify the name of the photographer. We are also glad to reply to your interviews: please email us at

Formula Type
Formula Type is a contemporary and independent digital type foundry that produces retail and custom fonts with the utmost attention to quality and customer needs: please visit Formula Type website to test and buy our most recent typefaces. Piero Di Biase is member of AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale – the member-based association of professionals, united by working in the field of graphic design and drawn from across the globe –, and since the beginning has been invited to participate to several exhibition and has been featured on international design magazines.

Piero Di Biase

Founder, Type Designer
Piero Di Biase
AGI Member (Italy, 2017)
+39 340 59 22 156
p.i. 02555140306

Type Design Collaborators
Yevgeniy Anfalov
Antonio D’Elisiis
Alberto Malossi

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© Think Work Observe, 2012 – 2022.

Selected publications
AGI New Members 2007 2017 (DE)
AisleOne (US)
Arcademi (DE)
Back Catalogue (UK)
Choi’s Gallery (RC)
Counter-Print (UK)
Creative Boom (UK)
Creative Review (UK)
Designbby (US)
Design Interview 10Q (IT)
Domus n.1027 (IT)
Editions of 100 (UK)
Esntial (RU)
Étapes (FR)
Experimenta (ES)
FAT Magazine (DK)
Fiera Magazine (NL)
Grafica Italiana (IT)
Grain Edit (US)
Hightone Book Cp. (RC)
Icon Design (IT)
Icon Magazine n.149 (UK)
IdN vol.21 n.5 (HK)
Indexbook ‘Selected C’ (EN)
It’s Nice That (UK)
Ligature (CH)
Live! (UK)
Manifattura (US)
Mijlo (NL)
Newgrids (FR)
Obsessive Collectors (EN)
Pizza Magazine (IT) (DK)
Pulp n.10 (I/UK)
Ritratti grafici (IT)
Sandu Publishing (RC)
Slanted Magazine n.36 (DE)
Shoplifters Issue 10: New Type Design Vol. 2 (US)
TGM ‘You’re my Type’ (DE)
The Brand Identity (UK)
The Coca-Cola Company (US)
The Meander Journal (AU)
Thisismirador (FR)
Thisispaper (PL)
Unit Editions (UK)
Various Artists (UK)
Victionary ‘Less is More’ (HK)
Visuelle (UK)
Wallpaper Magazine (UK)
X/I vol.V (DE)

Selected exhibitions and lectures
2020 Turin (IT)
Welcome to the Post-Analog Condition*

2020 Milan (IT)
SIGNS for/L’educazione non si ferma
2020 Mate Act Now (AU)
2020 Design Interview 10Q (IT)
2020 Open Collab 2.0 (DE)
2020 Live Talk From (UK)
2019 Taipei (TW)
Italian Visual Design
2019 Rotterdam (NL)
AGI Congress
2019 Catania (IT)
The Creative Dot Conference
2018 Mexico City (MX)
AGI Congress
2018 Milan (IT)
Ubuntu: Collecting Love
2018 Palermo (IT)
One of a Type
2018 Munich (DE)
Typographische Gesellschaft München
2018 Milan (IT)
Graphic Design Lectures
2017 Montréal (CA)
Édition, forme, expérimentation
2017 Aix-en-Provence (FR)
ECV Diploma Jury
2016 Udine (IT)
Think Work Observe, Posters
2016 Glasgow (UK)
Graphic Design Festival Scotland
2016 Milan (IT)
Out of the Blue, Fuorisalone
2015 Atlanta (US)
Kiss the Past Hello, The Coca–Cola Company
2015 Glasgow (UK)
Graphic Design Festival Scotland
2015 Milan (IT)
International Graphic Design Week
2015 Weimar (DE)
Projektil 2015, Bauhaus Universität
2015 Barcelona (ES)
Timeless Massimo Vignelli
2015 Moscow (RU)
United Notions
2014 Venice (IT)
Basic Type Design Course
2014 Venice (IT)
Come on Kids! 2, Free University of Bozen
2014 London (UK)
100/100, SBStudio
2014 Singapore (SG)
The U Café
2014 Florence (IT)
Love Magic Potions, Pitti Immagine
2013 Florence (IT)
Food Chocolate Design
2013 Mainz (DE)
Imprint Fair
2013 Bern (CH)
Soirée Graphique
2013 Venice (IT)
The Book Affair
2012 Zurich (CH)
Font Market
2012 Nicosia (CY)
Mag Dossier
2012 New York (US)
Millennium Magazines, MoMA
2011 Zurich (CH)
Font Market


2021 Executive Master in Design and Product Communication, H-Farm College, Treviso, Italy
2021 10th China International Poster Biennial, Jury (online)
2021 Zurich University of the Arts, Shared Campus, C/O Mag (mentoring)
2020 Executive Master in Design and Product Communication, H-Farm College, Treviso, Italy
2020 The 2020 International Poster Competition (Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants), Jury (online)
2020 Young Architects Competitions, Food Academy Logo, Jury (online)
2017 ECV School Diploma, Jury, Aix-en-Provence, France


Formula Type
Formula Type is a contemporary and independent digital type foundry from Italy. We produce retail and custom fonts with the utmost attention to quality and customer needs. The foundry was established in Udine in 2022, even if it all started ten years before as Think Work Observe, a graphic design office occasionally producing fonts in its Type Department – until it got very serious. Formula Type is today a real foundry with its own language and open collaborations with talented type designers.


Ritratti grafici, Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori, 2021, ISBN 978-88-85938-75-5 (IT)
Ritratti grafici is the third book in the Quaderni del Laboratorio Formentini series. The volume is edited by Maria Angela Di Pierro and Marco Sammicheli and intends to represent a (necessarily partial) picture of a community, that of graphic designers in Italy, and at the same time building a space for debate between different schools of thought, an exchange of ideas and comparison between different positions and languages. Think Work Observe, among ten Italian graphic design studios are told in as many self-portraits, focusing on their history and their current structure, the working methods and the relationship with the client, the research work and the masters from which they draw inspiration, all accompanied by bibliographic advice aimed at young people who are entering the profession today and from an iconographic portfolio of their most representative projects.

Dune vol.001 n.002: Manifesto (IT)
Dune is an academic magazine published in English and Italian that presents the research, writings and theoretical production of the group of researchers of the IUAV University of Venice who focus on fashion. Dune is directed by Maria Luisa Frisa and published by Flash Art. The title of the second issue, Manifesto, is examined in terms of its relations with the culture of design and the visual arts and the journal hosts a wide range of interpretations of its theme, pursuing an idea of crossing disciplinary boundaries that lies at the root of the editorial adventure. Fashion, design and visual culture have retained their central position but in open and constant dialogue with other languages and other forms of expression. On cover: Kensuke Koike, Forever Mine, 2020. Layered prints. Courtesy and © Kensuke Koike. Special project conceived for Dune.


MateActNow is a poster protest for the digital generation. All in aide of raising awareness and money for the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund, is a global initiative for designers to unite in the fight against climate change, using creativity to open people’s eyes to the dangers we all face. Think Work Observe has been invited to produce a contribution among many other designer we admire. Moreover, one of our posters made it to enter in the limited edition book featuring: Paul Garbett, DesignStudio, Christopher Doyle, Wade & Leta, Manual, Dinamo, Vince Frost, Amy Yalland, Mike Giesser, Pentagram, Veronica Fuerte, Mucho, Grafik, Mash Creative, Tana Mitchell, Motherbird, Carla Scotto, Studio South, Observatory, Seachange, Character, Believe in, Megan Bowker. Follow up the Instagram account @MateActNow.

Design Interview 10Q
The philosophy of Design Interview 10Q is clear and concise: “While everything is stopping, we talk about design.” There isn’t a primary focus; the idea is to get to know the designers and their stories, to give insights of each one’s creative strategy and motto. You can enjoy our interview at the following links:
Youtube Instagram Facebook

The questions:
• What made you become a designer? (0:45) • What is design for you? (06:08) • What do you create as a designer? (09:15) • What kind of process are you interest in? When you are designing a project. (14:12) • Do you think perfection exists in design? (17:40) • What do you think about contemporary design? (19:06) • What do you think about the impact the internet had on design? (24:12) • How do you see design education? (28:50) • What kind of role the designer will have in the future? (30:35) • What do you think the design world can do for this global pandemic? (30:35)

Design Interview 10Q is a personal project of Fabio Mario Rizzotti, a graphic designer, with an interest in knowing stories behind design from around the world. The project has started because during this period that we are facing, this global pandemic, is important to do something the goal of Design Interview 1Q is to share and give good content to people. So, while everything is stopping, we talk about design. Check all the interviews on Design Interview 10Q YouTube channel.

Open_collab 2.0 is a web-based tool created to enable and encourage remote real-time collaboration between visual communicators, developed by Patrick Thomas’ team in Berlin. Think Work Observe was invited to participate, sharing an artwork for the temporary online exhibition.
Live! is a series of live talks on Instagram with a focus on the creative industry. The coronavirus outbreak has many people, designers and non-designers, working remotely and housebound. The idea is to fight quarantine, boredom and, most importantly, to instill hope. Think Work Observe will be live online on Tuesday 24th and Saturday 28th March: go to Live! on Instagram to follow the talks. Live! is a project by ag office.



Dune vol.001 n.001: Dark Room (IT)
Dune. Writings on Fashion, Design and Visual Culture is an academic magazine published in English and Italian that presents the research, writings and theoretical production of the group of researchers of the IUAV University of Venice who focus on fashion. Dune is directed by Maria Luisa Frisa and published by Flash Art. The graphic design is by Think Work Observe.

Italian Visual Design 義式百變風格 (TW)
Taiwan Design Museum
Date 活動時間: 8.10.2019 – 10.2.2020, opening 開幕時間: 7.10.2019 h. 14, exhibition location 展覽地點: Taiwan Design Museum, Hall 05 松菸口 – 台灣設計館 05, lecture and workshop location 講座及設計工作坊地點: Song Yan Court – Not just library & 07 松菸口 – 不只是圖書館 & 07
Think Work Observe has been invited to be part of the exhibition dedicated to the evolution of Italian graphic design: from Aldo Novarese to Think Work Observe, the exhibition will display some of our typefaces developed between 2012 and 2019, printed on magazines and posters, or part of visual identities we designed during the years. Visit: SongYanCourt.
The Creative Dot (IT)
It is the first multidisciplinary event in Southern Italy dedicated to visual communication: the event, now in its fifth edition, was conceived and created by Domenico Sellaro, Tommaso Russo, Luigi Romano, Dario Iannì and Carmelo Guarino with the aim of spreading the cultural values ​​of visual communication to the general public, providing new design stimuli and expressive. Also this year, thanks to the Dot Conference, the event is confirmed as a cultural place for the exchange of ideas and opinions on the professions that are part of the great creative sector, such as graphic design, digital art, visual effects, typography, publishing, 3D modeling, motion graphics, cinematography, photography and illustration. In these three days, national and international guests take turns on stage conducting speeches for professionals and students, inviting them to confront each other directly and to explore specific themes of contemporary design. The fifth edition will take place at Zō – contemporary culture center, P.le Rocco Chinnici 6, Catania.


AGI New Members 2007 2017 (DE)
AGI New Members 2007 2017 includes the most updated design works of over 200 new members of Alliance Graphique Internationale (including also Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu from Think Work Observe) from 2007 to 2017 alongside short interviews on the current graphic design scenario. The book is edited and designed by AGI member, He Jianping, and published by hesign international, a Berlin/Hangzhou based design studio and publishing company. Format 200×270mm, 694 pages, wireless glue binding + hardcover book box, publisher: hesign (Berlin/DE), ISBN 978-3-947245-03-1

Featured: Various Artists
Various Artists invites creatives to share their relationship with music by creating and talking about playlists and mixes. Developed by UK-based studio Dialog, they speak to new creatives from various disciplines – Designers, illustrators, architects, 3D artists, typographers, embroiderers, print makers, film makers, photographers and more – and they ask them to submit a playlist and talk to them about what role music plays in their creative process. Go and listen our playlists at the following links: Various Artists #01Right Here Right Now
One of a Type: a typographic journey around Palermo (IT)
Thirty-two international designers to recount the cultural identity of Palermo, gathered in One of a Type, a collective exhibition curated by Ciao Ciao Studio under the patronage of Palermo Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2018 and AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication. The goal is to celebrate the identity of Palermo, a synthesis of artistic and cultural stratifications, thanks to the contribution of world-renowned designers from 12 different nationalities, invited to translate their vision of the city in a graphic version, by drawing a single letter of the alphabet.
TGM ‘You’re my Type’ (DE)
Think Work Observe has been part of the lectures program 2018 of the TGM Typographische Gesellschaft München. In the words of the chairman Christina John: ‘Language and writing as a bridge between people and cultures, as a means of understanding. The designed word as a possibility of identification. Due to the individuality of the design, language and writing become the type (o) question. Microtypograph or experimental designer? Functionalist or artist? Which types should be adjusted? What type of communication is ‘exactly my type’, which types do we want to address and, last but not least, which type am I? – ‘You’re my type’ is the motto of this year’s Munich Typographic Society. Who are the guys behind TGM, who’s up front, who are the faces of tgm 2018? Our work is supported by many committed members, speakers, sponsors – they all shape the tgm. Therefore, we would like to introduce the faces and stories of these people: whether lateral thinkers, micro-typographers, functionalists, artists, club members or rebels, they all accompanied, designed and developed the association. To put it in Kurt Schwitter’s words: ‘Creating relationships is the goal of all typography.’ We are following this in our new newsletter as well as in the upcoming annual program from January 2018 and look forward to welcoming many new types in 2018, among others.’
Graphic Design Lectures (IT)
Think Work Observe has been invited to participate to the cycle of conferences Graphic Design Lectures in Milan: Graphic Design Lectures 2018 is a cycle of graphic design conferences, curated by Francesco Dondina, which will be held in the Conference Hall of the Achille Bertarelli Collection of Prints at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. The initiative, created in 2015 in collaboration with the Bertarelli Collection, wants to bring the world of visual communication closer to not only young people and students of design schools but also to all those involved in communication and cultural programming, in order to promote and enhance the culture of the project. The Collection of Prints Achille Bertarelli, venue of meetings, is an institution born in 1927 for the collection and conservation of graphic works dating from the fifteenth century to today, which over the years has been enriched with works with particular regard to the graphic art, ancient, modern and contemporary and advertising, becoming over time one of the most important centers of enhancement of graphics in all its forms. Significant and extremely interesting is the section dedicated to advertising graphics, starting with the first posters of the late ’800 to get to contemporary graphics. Under the patronage of: Aiap, Cfp Bauer, Polytechnic of Milan.


Alliance Graphique Internationale
Think Work Observe, after being candidate to enter the prestigious AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale – sponsored by the member Astrid Stavro –, has been accepted as new members for Italy. Membership of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is for designers throughout the world who have been influential in their field, with a significant body of work. Although AGI was initially established by and for graphic designers, it is currently expanding to include illustrators, type designers, motion graphics designers, new media designers and design writers. AGI is a close group of like-minded individuals, many of whom form strong friendships within AGI that span continents and age groups.


Édition, Forme, Expérimentation (CA)
Think Work Observe is part of the exhibition Édition, Forme, Expérimentation by Arprim + Collective Blanc in Montréal about publishing and print.
ECV School Diploma Jury (FR)
Think Work Observe was invited by ECV School in Aix-en-Provence (FR) to join the Diploma Jury (5th year students) in June 2017.
Travel Without Moving
Travel Without Moving, the book we designed for our friend Federico Ciamei, has been awarded with the Honorable Mention at Premio Marco Bastianelli 2017 and has been reviewed on The New York Times.
Pulp Magazine (IT/UK)
Our work has been reviewed on the issue 10 of Pulp, the quarterly journal of people and paper, published exclusively for customers and clients of the Italian paper company Fedrigoni and produced by the London-based team of Eye magazine.


Think Work Observe, Posters (IT)
Think Work Observe, Posters – is an exhibition that took place in Udine (IT) in collaboration with library Libreria Martincigh Udine and Senzatempo. gallery, showing a selection of posters designed by us between 2011 and 2016. The exhibition started during the ‘Giornata del Contemporaneo – XII Edition’ in which hundreds of museums in Italy were open showing new artists, ideas and events.


Graphic Design Festival Scotland (UK)
Our posters were shortlisted again for the Graphic Design Festival Scotland International Poster Exhibition (UK).
Wallpaper (UK)
Think Work Observe catalogue designed for DimoreStudio in Milan has been reviewed by Wallpaper Magazine (UK).
The New York Times Magazine (US)
Think Work Observe font Airport Mono was used by The New York Times Magazine, The Voyage Issue (US).
Manifattura (US)
Think Work Observe has been interviewed by Manifattura (US).


Icon Magazine (UK)
Think Work Observe was invited to produce a contribution for the Rethink section of the British Icon Magazine n.149 (UK), one of the world’s leading architecture and design magazines. Designers are invited to redesign anything they think to be worth a better visual, or a better concept.

Graphic Design Festival Scotland
Our work has been shortlisted for the Graphic Design Festival Scotland International Poster Exhibition (UK). Graphic Design Festival Scotland is an international event place in Glasgow, which promotes the best of international graphic design and visual communication.
Projektil (DE)
Projektil is an international series of lectures at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar (DE). Think Work Observe was invited to held a 4-days lecture and workshop, in June 4th — 6th.
The Coca-Cola Company (US)
We’ve been invited by The Coca-Cola Company (US), among other 100 selected creatives from around the globe, to design a poster to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola contour bottle, one of the most famous and unmistakable shapes in the world. The result is published on Assouline’s book ‘Kiss the Past Hello’ Ed. Assouline, with essays by Stephen Bayley, Ted Ryan and James Sommerville — ISBN: 9781614284437 — 8.5×12 in ⁄ 21×30 cm, 144 pages.


Basic Type Design Course, Venice (IT)
We have been invited to give a class during first basic type design course organized by Tankboys, Alfa Type and Centro Espositivo Sloveno A plus A, held in Venice from 15th to 19th September 2014. The course is an intensive training programme intended to explore the fundamentals of typography and the principles of contemporary type design.

Think Work Observe has been interviewed by It’s Nice That (UK) and Ligature (CH).