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Think Work Observe,
Graphic Design Office
Upandcomingstyle Magazine
Upandcomingstyle Magazine

Up-and-Coming Style is a biannual magazine dedicated to contemporary photography and all its influences which aims to set itself out as a creative space, a reference point for fashion photography and contemporary art, which will promote new and old faces. Think Work Observe designed the typefaces, the magazine and the website, and contributed to the first issue with a photographic editorial on the theme of the relationships between content and form, showing objects without contents, that remain beautiful also as pure shapes.

“I would like to make a comparison: in my village there’s a painter called Federico Moroni. He’s very talented, and he is also an extraordinary teacher. One day, he asked his pupils to hold an iron ball in their left hand and then he gave them a pencil in their right hand and told them to draw a circle. The children drew the circle. But it wasn’t a flat circle, it was a circle that already had a volume: it contained the weight of that ball in their left hand. Now, I would like to put in his (Tarkovskij’s) left hand as many images of Italy as possible, so that even if tomorrow he photographs a lawn, or something anonymous, it will still contain those beauties.” — Abstract of Voyage in Time, 1983

Description: 23,5 × 30 cm, 368 pages on uncoated and coated paper, hardbound, with hot-foiled printed cover. Internationally distributed by KDPress. Contributors: Giulia Bersani, Alessandro Casagrande, Federico Ferrari, Claudia Grassl, Bernhard Handick, Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, Eleonora Marton, Alberto Moreu, Ricardo Passaporte, Gian Giacomo Pepe, Elisabetta Porcinai, Andrea Quarantotto, Silva+Cemin, Robert Tepiak, Think Work Observe, Daisuke Yokota. Contributing writers: Lamberto Cantoni, Vittoria Maschietto, Elisabetta Porcinai, Andrea Quarantotto, Sara Scialpi. Printed by Grafiche dell’Artiere.